LEP Classes

NOTE: LEP can modify existing courses or create new classes to meet your union’s specific needs.

  • Arbitration: Making Your Best Case
    Learn the details of preparing and presenting an effective arbitration case by taking part in a mock arbitration hearing. Participants will develop a theory of the case, research arbitration standards, interpret contract language, and prepare opening and closing statements. See Sample Agenda
  • Screening Grievances for Arbitration
    Developing a theory of the case and analyzing evidence, proof, and witnesses are just some of the approaches provided for determining whether a grievance should proceed to arbitration. Also included are tips on interpreting contract language, applying arbitration standards, and understanding the duty of fair representation.
  • Collective Bargaining for Local Unions
    Participants focus on setting goals for negotiations, gathering information, and developing contract proposals. A special section on table tactics covers roles of the bargaining team, ground rules, and questioning techniques. Two-day classes include a mock bargaining session. See Sample Agenda
  • Steward Training
    This all day training begins with the roles and responsibilities of the steward and the special legal status of union representatives. Participants then explore the nuts and bolts of grievance processing, including the six grounds for a grievance, past practice, just cause for discipline, grievance investigation and rights to information, fact sheets, and grievance writing. See Sample Agenda
  • Steward Training: Beyond the Basics
    Designed to enhance basic grievance handling skills, this course helps participants learn how to put together an effective theory of the case using investigating and interviewing techniques, contract interpretation, and arbitration standards.
  • Why Unions Still Matter
    The historic accomplishments of the labor movement and organized labor’s on-going contribution to America’s economic and political life are examined in this multi-media presentation.


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